Intelligent Invoice Processing

Automated Invoice Posting

Automate your day-to-day accounting tasks in simple push or scan, relieve your accountants tedious task of invoice posting and improve their performance. With use of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and others, Auto Bookkeep will post your supplier invoice or expenses into your accounting software.

Key Features

Effortless Bookkeeping Made Simple: Discover the Features and Benefits of Auto Bookkeep

Just scan & post to GL

Pay your bills on time

More time to bookkeepers

Error free accounting

No more tedious tasks

Workflow for approvals


Accounting software integration


Inbuilt Validation for Accuracy

Auto-fill of e-way Bill Details

Auto-fill of e-way Bill Details

Auto Stock update


In-built Auto learn capability


Touch-Free Processing

Auto Bookkeep - Intelligent Invoice Processing


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Frequently asked questions

What is Auto Bookkeep software

Auto Bookkeep is a RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software which is designed to streamline and automate the invoice management process. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract data from the invoices, validates key data and helps in posting the invoice data into General Ledger without any manual data entry.

How does Auto Bookkeep work

The software typically scans or imports invoices in various formats, such as PDF or scanned images. It uses OCR technology to extract key data points like vendor name, invoice number, date, line items, amount etc. The extracted data is then validated against predefined rules. Finally, the software performs automatic posting of the invoice data into accounting software

What are the major benefits of using your RPA software – Auto Bookkeep

The key benefits include: Time Saving → Automation eliminates manual data entry, reduces processing time, minimize errors, efficiency improvement for repeated tasks, improves resource utilization which in turn results in saving considerable costs and time
Improved Accuracy → OCR technology ensures accurate data extraction and validation, reducing the human errors
Enhances Productivity → By automating repetitive tasks, frees up your employees time for more value-added activities
Transparency → Not only it eradicates human errors but also boosts transparency in the system

How many invoice formats can Auto Bookkeep handle

We handle various invoice formats including pdf, scanned images. In future we shall be supporting electronic formats such as EDI or XML

How secure is the software in handling sensitive financial information

Auto Bookkeep comes with robust security measures to protect sensitive financial information.

What level of accuracy can be expected from invoice data extraction capabilities

The level of accuracy depends on the quality of input document i.e. the PDF or scanned image. The accuracy increases with the quality of invoice, we can expect accuracy of 90-95 percent on repetitive documents and for newer documents it would be 60% plus, with the training on invoice formats, this accuracy keeps increasing. The accuracy improves as a particular format is scanned repetitively

What are the number of invoices your software can process

There is no limitation in terms of number of invoices which can be processed through Auto Bookkeep

What are the accounting software which your Auto Bookkeep is integrated to for posting into accounts from the extracted invoice data

Apart from Retail ViVA & Sugarcube ERPs, our Auto Bookkeep supports posting into Tally Accounting software. In future we shall be supporting accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB, etc.

Do you provide training & support on your software

Our delivery team shall provide the necessary training to comfortably handle the software. We have a robust ticketing processing mechanism in place wherein our team shall provide necessary support as per the needs

What is Auto Bookkeep pricing model

Auto Bookkeep is on SaaS based cloud model and is charged on per user per month basis. Please contact the sales team for a proposal as per your needs

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